About KYHomegrown

Yep. I’m a believer. A CBD evangelist if you will. I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of this multifaceted natural compound, and have witnessed customers immediately finding relief from inflammation and pain. That’s why I’m “In” in a big way – allocating my time, and resources to share the message for those with health challenges and to promote general wellbeing.

My Story…

I found EarthyBrowns Full Spectrum CBD oil products at an art show several months ago. I also set up at art fair shows to showcase my handmade marbled and Italian leather jewelry and accessories.

At this particular show, arthritis in my thumbs were killing me due to making  a lot of intricate jewelry. I bought my first bottle of Full Spectrum CBD oil and could not believe it when the pain immediately went away. So… I also had carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow as a result of similar activities – and tried the oil on those areas…again pain gone!

One pleasant surprise was taking CBD oil in a very stressful situation where my blood pressure rose to 180+. A half hour after taking only a .5 ml, my blood pressure was in the 130’s. I have read some research that says when you’re body is in the “fight or flight” stress mode, taking CBD will lower blood pressure. But, if you’re in a normal state it doesn’t affect it.

The human body’s endocannabinoid system is also amazing. Discovered only in 2009, much research is being done on its powerful mechanisms and how the endocannabinoid receptors process CBD to bring about change. It’s receptors “know ” what help is needed, and if you provide full spectrum CBD, it will work in the area of pain, inflammation, etc. to attempt to bring the body into systemic homeostasis. Much more complicated than I make it sound, but we’re just scratching the surface on this marriage of interactions. Incredible. Trust me. You’ll be hearing much more about this.

I have researched CBD Full Spectrum oils, and am blown away by the many beneficial aspects of the “entourage effect” of the therapeutic properties of CBD. I hope you can discover some for yourself – and if you do, please share! – Carin Lovell